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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swim Lessons

Reid, Tanner, and Hudson are learning so much in swim lessons and more importantly, are having so much fun! (Their mommas are having fun too!) Even though we all feel we overpaid...(another story)...we try not to think about that and just enjoy being there and seeing our little guys happy. For me, I'm just glad to see Reid not mind going under the water. As much as Matt and I love the water, we want Reid to feel the same. He loves his bath, but he's not quite sure about water getting in his eyes, or on his face. So, it's huge for him to be going under the water at swim lessons and not come up crying! The only time the boys cry is after the lesson when we have to change them into their normal diaper and clothes. Then it's a wrestling match between the moms and babies - and it's always a question on who is going to win! :)

Moms and babies: Tanner, Kara, Reid, Me, Hudson, Dena

Tanner and Reid "coloring"

Hudson, Tanner, Reid

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Donnell Days said...

I look forward to every Tuesday because of swim lessons...I will be sad when they are over...even if we did overpay!! :)