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Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Nummies Please!

Matt and I got back from a wonderful vacay in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico so more on that to come, but I thought I would post about our Trick or Treating Halloween night. We flew in at 4:00 yesterday, went through a LONG customs line, and finally walked out of the airport at 5, picked up something to eat, went to my parent's house, and then went Trick or Treating with our little cowboy. Reid quickly caught on to the fact that all he had to do was knock on people's door and he would get candy! He'd be walking up to the door doing his "more" sign, saying "Nummy" (which we think means "yummy"), and then doing the "please" sign. At some houses, the people brought out their candy bowl and Reid would reach in, grab a couple, and then put it in his bag - which he loved. As soon as he'd put the candy in the bag, he'd look up, and wave "bye-bye" to the neighbors. Then it was off to the next house! We went to only a few houses, but Reid certainly liked this holiday!

Getting ready to begin our evening

Holding on to Mimi's hand!

Why do we have to waste time taking pictures?? There's candy to get!

Walking down the street - so far just happy that he's able to walk in a puddle

Reid was taking too long walking by himself, so Pop Pop pulls him in the wagon

My lil' cowboy :)

Our first house!

Reid had fun just being able to walk in other people's walkway and see all their Halloween decorations

Interesting...what is that I see in the window? Do people always give out candy if I just knock on their door or look through their window?

Getting to pick out his candy - you would have thought he was making a critical decision with how long it took him to decide! He would pick one up, but then decide he didn't want THAT one and would go for another piece. :)

I tried getting him to go for the chocolates, but of course he goes for opposite of what I want!

Walking up to another house - it didn't take him long to figure out this whole "trick or treating" thing!

Crossing the street with Daddy, ready for more homes and more candy!

Reid quickly tired of riding in the wagon and just wanted to push

Heading back to the house...already looking forward to next Halloween!


Natalie, Stephen and Bennett said...

what a precious cowboy! the jeans - they are too much. I love it!! :) Happy Halloween and happy vacay to Cabo!

Team Carroll said...

Yay!! So glad you guys are back...look how dark you are!! Reid is just TOO cute in those Wranglers & boots! LOVE IT! Glad y'all had a good Halloween!!

Following Him said...

What a cute little cowboy!!! He is so precious!

Donnell Days said...

How precious!! I love that he was signing to people...he is just so sweet! I am VERY jealous of your tan by the way!!

Dunhams said...

I love all of those pictures!! He looks so big and like he's having the best time! Cute little cowboy!

Annie said...

What a cute little cowboy! You and Matt look so tan! I am definitely jealous!

kinsey said...

so lucky you went on vacation! i need one bad! and i LOVE reid as a cowboy. he is just precious.

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

so cute!!! he is such a cute cowboy!!! you look so tan! can't wait to hear about your trip!