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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Valentine's Day Comes Early

Amy and Porter hosted a Valentine's party for our playgroup and man was it cute!!! We were greeted by a big stuffed white gorilla holding red and white balloons that was sitting in their entry way. The dining room table and kitchen table were set up for the kids (moms) to make their Valentine's bags, food was on the island, and the toys were out and ready. The boys all made a beline for Porter's cool playroom and spent the majority of time there. After the Valentine's bags were ready, we lined them up so the boys (again, moms) could deliver each a Valentine. Reid and I (ok, really just me) made each boy a "pooch pop" (recipe from the February issue of Parents magazine) and then got some Elmo valentines to pass out. I was super excited to get a mommy gift too! Cara made the CUTEST frames for each of us! Now, I just need a picture of Reid and me together to put in it. Thanks Amy and Porter for the most fun Valentine's party!!!!

The Pooch Pops

Playing in Porter's playroom

The Valentine's bags

All set to deliver the Valentines!

Reid and the gorilla

He also loved playing with the balloons!

The group shot
Quinn, Hudson, Tanner, Reid, Sutton, Porter, Chapman, Landon

The oh-so-cute mommy gift!!! Thanks soooo much, Cara!!!!

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Lindsay Wagner said...

Those are the cutest cookies....I am quite impressed! I just might have to make those...they are darling!