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Sunday, March 15, 2009

2 Year Check-up

Reid's 2 year check-up was Friday at, that time might mean nothing to you, but to us it was right smack dab in the middle of nap time. When I made the appointment, Matt wanted me to make it as late as was available and that was the latest. I thought to myself, this is a bad idea to have him miss his nap...but of course, kept the appointment. I learned something: never. schedule. an. appointment. during. nap.!!!!! He cried while we were trying to talk to the doctor and finally I remembered that they had suckers and so got him one and that helped tremendously and we were good to go! (He fell asleep on the way home so he got a little nap was early bedtime that night!) Here are Reid's 2 year stats, and the questions I had for the doctor as well as answers (I know I always like to see what other people are asking and what their doctors say!):

Weight: 27 pounds (42%)
Height: 36" (85%)
Head: 19 1/8 (45%)

Questions I had:
1. Whole or 2% milk? Switch to 2%.

2. Paci - not really a question, just told the doctor that at some point between ages 2 and 3 we are planning on getting rid of "bobby" for good!

3. Switching to big boy bed - do we have a consequence if he gets out of the bed? (I've been meaning to update, but so far - knock on wood - climbing out of the crib has only been a one-time performance, so we've held off on switching him to a bed) The doctor said they did, but here's what I'm thinking we will do...I really don't care if he ends up sleeping on the floor, so we'll make it to where he can't get out of his room, but after that, we won't discipline if he gets out of bed. We'll also make sure that there's nothing in his room that he can pull down, etc.

4. Dinner - Reid is a picky eater and we finally have breakfast and lunch down, but he still only eats the Lil' Entrees that Gerber makes for dinner and I want him to eat what I make. So, I asked the doctor when I can enforce this and he said that they did around 30 months. Reid has about 6 months until the Crackdown begins! At that point, I haven't decided if I'm going to make him eat what we eat, no question, or do the 3 bite rule and if he doesn't like it he can have something else. Thoughts on this??

5. Now the big question: POTTY TRAINING!!! For the last few weeks Reid has become increasingly more interested in going pee pee in the potty. He's been going pee pee in the big potty, and then getting 2 M&Ms when he does go, so yesterday at Target I decided it was time to buy his own potty and get some big boy underwear. Since doing that, he's wanted to go pee pee a lot! Today he was trying so hard to go, because he knows he doesn't get M&Ms unless he does something, and then said, "poo poo" and out came the teensiest, tiniest bit of poo! Well, we still made a big deal about it. So, my question is to all you seasoned potty trainers - what did you do at this point? Did you start the full fledged potty training?


Poefam said...

Great questions! I have so many of the same ones! Can't wait to hear what fellow bloggers answer for them to give me some tips too!

the spicer blog said...

I have a girl, so this might be different, but I say GO FOR IT! If he is showing that much interest, and has been successful, I say it's time. One thing to look for is their diapers at night- are they dry all night long? If so, then absolutly you are ready. If not, like my daughter, I went and woke her up about every three hours to go to the potty just because I didn't want her to have an accident. My friends thought I was crazy, but it only takes a few days then I just woke her up when I went to bed, then just when I got up in the morning. The key is to stay home for about 4 days- not going ANYWHERE, it is hard for us mom's always on the go, but it helps them so much. On day 5 as soon as she went potty we would run one errand, and come home, etc.
Hope this helps!

B.E.A.L. said...

I think if he is showing interest and signs of readiness...then you should go for it. There isn't anything harder than potty training a kiddo who isn't interested.

We took Ashton's pacifier away at 2 1/2 and she only had it at bedtime and naptime at that point (actually she gave them to the "Bink Fairy" and was rewarded with a big girl dress up dress and stuff like that). It works like the Tooth Fairy. It was tough for a few days after that.

You had such great questions for your doctor! Hope this is a little bit helpful and makes sense.

Rains Family said...

Wow! I think if he is that interested I would go for it! I agree with the dry diapers through the night- Abby started having dry diapers really early on and she would sleep 12-14 hours a night. I can honestly say she never had one night she wet the bed in big girl panties (o: I waited a while b/c when I first started she was pretty good but NOT READY- she kept having accidents in her panties and it upset her- but when she was ready several months later- it was EASY! READY is the key here (as with all things)! Maggie is another story- she has an Elmo potty that she loves but does not have interest in actually sitting on it and trying to go. I want her to be ready so hopefully she will be as easy as Abby- I'm hopeful! Reid had some great stats at his 2 year appointment. I'm going to get Maggie that DVD you mentioned. Thanks!