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Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have a new post below this with details from Reid's 2 year visit, so make sure to scroll down for that!

Sunday: Matt's grilling steaks - yum!, baked potatoes, veggie salad - bagged lettuce with added veggies

Monday: Bible Study begins and we're going to eat dinner for our first one at either Brio or Cheesecake Factory - Double Yum!!!!

Tuesday: Lasagna Toss (I have never tried this recipe, so I don't want to vouch for it! I'll let you know what we think. It's from Kraft, and I usually like their recipes.

Wednesday: Baked Chicken strips, low fat creamy parmesan mashed potatoes (another new Kraft recipe), green beans

Thursday: Black Bean chicken, good rice, broccoli

Friday: BBQ


Lindsay Wagner said...

Too funny....John's outside grilling steaks for us right now! :) I really need to try your black bean chicken!

Mandy said...

We are trying the black bean chicken tonight! You don't know how much I LOVE that you do this! Thanks for taking the time!!!