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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun Week - Monday

Last week was so much fun for Reid and me! I was going to do one long post, but it would fall under the longest post ever category, so I thought I'd just break it up by day!

In the morning, Reid and I met Amy and Porter at the Allen Public Library where they have storytime. The librarian reads stories, plays music with moves that the kids can attempt, and sometimes there's even a craft. For a free activity, it's a great experience for the boys! We also check out books and CDs, which means now, everytime we get in the car the first thing Reid says is, "Reid's CD," so I am really missing my good radio!!!
I was lucky enough to have 2 snuggle bugs in my lap during part of the story time!!

Reid and Porter doing some light reading :)

Amy is always able to capture Reid's expressions!

The boys with the craft they (the moms) made - pigs since that was the "theme" of the stories for the day

Monday afternoon we had playgroup at Alli's and she has the BEST backyard! The boys were just able to run around, play, slide, and we could just sit back and monitor! That gave us plenty of time to talk!!
The boys (we missed Landon and Quinn!): Hudson, Porter, Sutton, Reid, Chapman, Tanner
Alli gave each of the boys pinwheels and they loved them!

Let me check the gas for you, Sutton. Ok, good to go!

There was so much to do to keep the boys entertained!!!

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Annie said...

What a super fun day!!! Good thing Reid was checking Sutton's gas for him, he tends to just drive around and forget about the gas!!! What a fun outside playdate with the nice weather!!!