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Monday, March 2, 2009


Monday: Chicken Parmesan - I'm really excited about this recipe because it's supposed to be super easy and delicious, and chicken parm is one of my most favorite meals!!! I'll definitely serve this with Angel Hair pasta.

Tuesday: Tator Tot Casserole

Wednesday: Ritz Cracker chicken - I'm trying Brittney's recipe for this, and I can't wait! (It's a little different from the one I make, but looks really good). I'll serve this with brown rice and sauteed asparagus

Thursday: Tacos - a staple in our house!

Friday: MAYBE Swiss Chicken - otherwise known as "Hammer Chicken" - this is especially for Cara! I say maybe because I don't normally cook on Fridays, but what the hey, we probably need to start eating in more!!! I'll serve this with sweet potato fries - which is basically sweet potatoes cut up and roasted with a little olive oil and your favorite seasonings.


We had a super busy, super fun week and weekend, so I'm getting around to posting pictures, so I'll get that out today! That might be a little ambitious, but you have to have goals!


Team Carroll said...

Laughing out loud!!! Hammer chicken is the greatest invention yet ;) SO glad I finally have the recipe!! Seriously...I LOVE your weekly menus!! Gives me SUCH good ideas...although most of the time all I have energy for is Taco Bueno. LOVE IT!!!!!

Leslie said...

i have a recipe that is similar to the swiss chicken. it is to die for but kinda pain to make. i'll have to send or post the recipe. have a great week.

Tony and Sarah said...

I continue to love your weekly menus and I'm glad that you are still posting them on your family blog with a link to your recipe blog. Also, the book suggestions were great too. I have a copy of the Terrible Twos to the Terrific Twos on hold at the library! Great blog!

Sarah Morlandt