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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reid, Age TWO!

Disclaimer: Please feel free to skip the developmental post of Reid's two years old posts. It doesn't hurt my feelings! For the most part, I don't read others' developmental posts just so I can avoid falling in the "comparing" trap! :)

While I'm working on Reid's birthday extravaganza - can I just say I'm soooooo frustrated with the blogger and computer, I think it has taken me hours to work on the birthday post! - anyways, I thought I would post developmental stuff that Reid's doing at age two so I can remember. I can't believe a 2nd year has already flown by!!! What a difference from a newborn who really can do nothing to a smart little boy! I'm amazed at how much growth he has made physically, mentally, and emotionally since his 1 year mark. I can really see now what he'll be like, and seriously, he is a little Matt! (Which is a good thing!) We go on Friday for his 2 year appointment to get all the stats, but here are some things that he can do at 2 years old (not that there's anything to brag about, but please don't think I'm bragging - braggers really turn me off - I want to remember what he's doing at this point!):

HOWEVER, I want to say that it's not a big deal to me if Reid can say his ABCs, count, identify shapes, colors, etc. or not at this point. If he acts interested in something, then I'll work with him a little bit on it when the subject arises (ie, night time when we're reading books or playing). So, just because I was a teacher and you might not be, don't think that you're child will have a disadvantage in school! There's research that shows that while this early time is a huge jump in development and learning, a child could have no "professional" schooling before kindergarten and be just as "on the game" as those who have had lots of help. Also, in the parenting book I'm reading, the author says that in today's time parents are so worried about their kids learning skills and less with learning respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness so those are my main priorities when working with Reid. :)

*Identify the main colors - he's so good at picking out the colors! He knows red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, black, white, gold (sometimes), gray

*Physically - He's got great control of his body and is so coordinated! This is just like Matt and unlike me! Matt's the athlete in the family and we hope Reid enjoys sports as much as Matt did as a child and does now! However, if Reid is into something else entirely - such as music - we'll definitely support that!

*Verbally - I can tell that Reid is a perfectionist and for the longest time he would not "try" words; he wouldn't say it until he had it down. Now, he says everything! It's so fun to have a little communicator!

*Shapes - Still loves shapes! I'm so surprised that he can identify the correct ones! He can point out rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, stars, hearts, diamonds, ovals, and he likes to say trapezoid and have me draw one, but those are hard to find with everyday objects.

*Numbers/Letters - He's more into numbers than letters (again, totally Matt!), and can count to 20, (he needs some assistance after 10 though, and visually can't identify numbers 11-20!) He's starting to enjoy letters and LOVES the DVD birthday gift from our playgroup - I highly recommend it. He's been watching it for 2 days now and can identify almost all the letters!

*Personality - My little "mature" one - well, as mature as a 2 year old can get! This is definitely like Matt. Reid is definitely not my goof ball! He's a little shy, but really opens up when you get to know him. Also, even though he's shy, he's good at adapting to situations. For example, he rarely cries if we have to drop him off somewhere, even if it's a new place. I really think what has helped this is going to Lifetime since he was an infant so he has gotten used to being watched by different people.

I can't wait to see what year three holds for our little man!!! I have a feeling this year will rock his world with the upcoming baby - he may have a hard time giving up some of the limelight!


Dunhams said...

Reid is such a smart little guy!!! I loved reading about all of his accomplishments! You should be very proud, and don't feel like you're bragging at all...I completely understand wanting to be able to remember all of these things.

B.E.A.L. said...

Hi Meredith...I am a friend of Jodi and have met Paige and Katie through her. This is how I found your blog and I love it!

Reid is so cute and I enjoy following your blog! He has such gorgeous eyes!

I think they told me you went to Baylor....I did too and was also in the education department.

Team Carroll said...

OMG...I read EVERY word and LOVED it all!!! Reid is SUCH a smart little man!!! I can't believe how much he's grown and developed since I met you guys last's crazy!! I totally get what you're saying about the whole "comparing" thing...drives me crazy! You are definitely not bragging by any should be SO proud of Reid and all of his accomplishments! He's such a smart little man!! We love you guys!!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i know you are not bragging, but i am VERY impressed!!! you are such a great mom and reid is very smart!!! so sad we missed his party...i heard it was so much fun!!! hope to see you guys soon!

Poefam said...

I loved hearing everything sweet Reid is doing! And, it's not bragging AT ALL! should be so proud and not ashamaed to share with all of us!!! I'm so glad that Reid has led the way to TWO for Quinn! Can't wait for the next 2 yrs of memories! LOVE YA!

Rains Family said...

Hi Meredith- You will be so glad that you documented all of these awesome accomplishments! I agree about the comparing trap but you have the right philosphy for sure! I taught K for YEARS (before I started teaching the gifted kiddos) and I can tell you that I didn't know which K students sat up first, crawled first, walked first, potty-trainted first, talked first, etc...but I could tell you which ones had been taught manners, respect ,etc. What book are you reading?

Leslie said...

You have done such a great job with Reid. You always seem so patient with him, which is something I really work on. Reid is such a great kid!

Raines family - love your comment, probably b/c I have lazy boys that never do anything on time. But we really work on manners - as much as you can with 2 yr olds!