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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reid's Two Year Old Weekend Extravaganza!

Warning: LONG post ahead with lots of pictures!

Update: I took the video out because it was really slowing the scrolling down on the blog for me!

Reid was greeted on his birthday morning by Matt and I walking into his room holding a butterfly balloon. Matt had gone the night before to the store to find this because I told him how whenever Reid saw these big butterfly balloons in the grocery stores he wanted them so badly! Of course, the only color Matt could find was pink, so you can imagine how thrilled he was to buy that for his little boy! However, I told Matt to be comforted by the fact that when Reid played with the balloon, it was all boy. No cuddling, simply knocking the balloon down. :) Here's a video of us greeting him...there's an awkward moment on the video when I say, "Reid", huge pause because I was about to say, want to go get some donuts? but then thought twice because once he heard that he would be ready to go then and we still had to go get ready so I improvised by saying, "happy birthday!"

After we all 3 were ready, Matt and I took Reid to eat probably one of his most favorite foods at the moment: donuts! Personally, I like the donuts at this little place in Allen called Max's Donuts, but we thought Reid would like the Krispy Kreme atmosphere. He LOVED it! He ate 2 whole donuts - the sugar effect lasted the whole day, he was wound up!!

After our yummy, sugar-filled breakfast, Matt went to work and Reid and I met Amy and Porter at the park by our houses. Amy and Porter gave Reid a special cookie for a birthday treat! (But, I was a mean Momma and only let him have a few bites because of his sugar intake already for the day!)

Reid loves climbing up this ladder!

Reid and Porter saying good-bye by giving high-fives

Having an important "man to man" conversation...

Both showing me some dirt treasures

That evening Matt went out with some college friends and not wanting to be alone on a Friday night, I met up with Cara and Landon, Annie and Sutton, and Katie and Cole for some Willow Bend fun. We met at the play area and normally this is the perfect time for me to sit and talk with my friends! However, wouldn't you know it, today was the day Reid discovered the little electronic cars just outside of the play area so my time was spent supervising him! Luckily he was perfectly happy playing in the car without me having to actually put coins in the slot and turn it on. After playing we all headed over to a nice, relaxing dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, or so we hoped it would be!!! Our little munchkins decided to put on a little performance and provide some natural birth control for the other patrons! I think my blood pressure shot up because of the stressful situation. I do have to say though, Sutton was the perfect little angel, just sitting in his high chair and enjoying his meal....oh I wish Reid had emulated his behavior! Oh well, that's what being a mommy is about, right? Those moments that are "growth experiences..."

Landon and Reid

Reid's birthday party was the following day at Little Gym in McKinney, and I would totally recommend this place!!!! They did such a great job with the little ones and did everything - set up, served the pizza and cake, and cleaned up. We loved getting to celebrate Reid's birthday with our friends and missed our friends who either live out of town (Lohrdings), or couldn't be there for some reason! I think all the kids had a great time and it was perfect because they were all around the same age so nobody got hurt and the activities were geared towards a younger age.

Some of the structured play times

Loved the parachute!

Luckily Sutton was there to make sure the equipment wasn't faulty! The knobs are working fine!

Sweet Chapman, love that hair!

The basketball goal is always a hit!

A new way to cross beams?

Jumping with his buddy, Quinn

Daddy providing a "spot"

I love this picture because check out Miss Madeline's expression - it's like, "nice try boys, but I'm not impressed"

Reid just was going the whole time!

Sutton and Madeline

I think this bounce thing was the hit of the evening! The kids loved it! Then, they added bubbles and the kids were just going crazy!!!

Precious Landon loved the bubbles!

Reid and Wyatt checking out something

Maggie, Porter, and Madeline stayed on as long as they could! They're deflating the bounce thing and these three just sat so still and patiently! Maybe they were secretly hoping they could bounce some more. :)

Thirsty boy after all that playing!

The Thomas the Train birthday cake

The kiddie tables - I absolutely love seeing little ones sitting like big kids!

Yum! Enjoying some Capri Sun and pizza!

I had to hold Reid back when the cake was brought out because he was trying to bite into the whole cake! I was surprised because it was so un-Reid!

This is what he was trying to do, so I let him do it with his slice. :)

After the party, the family came back to our house and Reid opened his gifts. He got some really fun things and he's been enjoying playing with some new toys! Thanks everyone for making this a super special birthday for Reid and us!!


Following Him said...

WoW...what a big boy! Seriously...KK donuts have lots of sugar in them...hopefully it has all worn off now. He is such a cutie!

Tiffany said...

What a great b-day! He is such a handsome "young man." :o)

B.E.A.L. said...

Looks like he had a fabulous birthday and a ton of fun!

Dunhams said...

What a great weekend! Such fun memories for all of you! I love his balloon, and I'm sure Matt WAS thrilled about getting that for his son ;) We had such a great time at Reid's party...Madeline kept saying "more, Weed (Reid)" the whole way home. Cute pics too!!!

the rodriguez crew said...

what a great little party! we have a little gym nearby, and that's a fantastic idea for Jagger's 2nd bday party. And YES! I hear that a LOT about Jagger seeming older - the other day at Target a lady asked him if he was 2 or 3? What!? Slow down the train! I think it's because he's so tall.

Loved all of the pics {the balloon was hilarious!}, and Reid is so super handsome!!

tiffany said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Reid!!!
He is soooo adorable!!

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!
What a great idea!!

Brooke said...

What a fun Birthday Reid! Wyatt had so much fun at his party. I just love the donuts for breakfast idea. What fun!

Donnell Days said...

What a fun birthday!! Hudson had so much fun at his party...what a great idea! :)

Team Carroll said...

Little Gym was seriously the best idea ever!!! We had so much fun celebrating Reid's second :) Can't wait for many more birthday parties with our little men!! Reid is SUCH a doll!!

Jack's Mommy said...

Meredith- So love your blog!! I'm "just jack"'s mom(friend of cara's). I'm right there with you on the mean mommy, not letting too much sugar! How much fun little Reid had!! Love following your family!

The Leonard Four said...

what an awesome birthday extravaganza!!! :) glad that reid had fun - he is adorable! you got such great captured all of the bday fun perfectly! :)

it was great seeing you again yesterday and meeting reid! can't wait until next time!

Leslie said...

So sad we weren't there to wish Reid a happy 2nd birthday. Looks like the party was so much fun for all of you! And I loved your crack me up! Miss you!

Lucy said...

Aww... his birthday looks like it was so much fun. What a lucky little guy. Good job, Meredith for planning such a fabulous 2nd birthday party for him. We are so sad that we missed it.