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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter '09

Our Easter weekend activities began on Saturday evening when I had the highest expectations that Reid would do absolutely fabulous at a photo shoot with a photographer in Frisco who was taking pictures of kids with baby chicks and a bunny. I just knew that Reid would love it and it would produce wonderful pictures!!!! Um, haven't I learned anything about high expectations with a two year old?!?! He was so excited on the way over there and couldn't wait to see the baby chicks, and once we got there, he wanted to hold them. I think we freaked him out a bit because he almost squeezed the baby chick to death and so we were all trying to pry his fingers off the chick! After that, he really didn't want to hold them, and pretty much didn't want to do anything we asked him to. I told the sweet girl that if only 1 picture came out I'd be happy and if none came out, I would completely understand. Oh well...maybe next year.

We went to church Sunday morning and then went over to my parents' house after Reid's nap where my mom prepared a huge, yummy dinner. The Mimi Easter bunny also visited and we ALL got baskets! We're never too old for Easter baskets! Then we headed outside for an egg hunt which Reid has just grown to LOVE - ever since the egg hunt at Cara's house where he realized that treats come in the eggs! (Although, now when he sees an Easter egg, he shakes it to see if there's anything in it...)

I can't believe how much Reid grows and changes each year, so I'm looking forward to next year really talking about and him beginning to understand the whole reason for Easter. Anybody have any recommendations for a good children's book that is a perfect illustration of this?

Reid's first Easter - '07, about 5 weeks old (not the greatest picture of him...oh well)

Easter '08, about 13 months old

Easter '09 - 2 yrs.

Playing in the sandbox...I just love his Easter outfit this year! Although, I must say that Matt is not fond of the sweater vest, so I'm not sure how much longer I can pull this off on Reid

Reid LOVES playing in the backyard at Mimi and Pop Pop's house!

Opening a gift from Nana and Papa (my grandparents) - a Berenstein Bear's Book! Those used to be my favorite!

Let the egg hunt begin...

Stopping to enjoy a treat before moving on

What is this?? You mean there are toys to be found on an Easter Egg Hunt??!!

Filling up his basket! Luckily he's the only one competing in this hunt - just think when he has cousins!!!

Aunt Bibby helping Reid

Enjoying some of his egg hunt treasures!

Too busy to even look up for a picture with Aunt Coco!

Reid's bounty! (I love his little face peeking over the table)

Also, I love his Easter basket! My mom found it at the cutest little toy shop in Southlake, The Owl's Nest

My Easter basket - my mom is the best at picking out clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. for us! She could seriously be my personal shopper. She bought me these fun maternity tops and cute Reef flip flops!

About to head home, although Reid is just wishing he could go back outside

Bailey, one of my parents' dogs, loves to jump on the chair and try to scavenger for food on the table - she's in heaven on holidays!


the rodriguez crew said...

first of all, i'm SO impressed that your MOM can pick out those cute clothes and reef flops! Bless my mom's heart, she gets it right about 1 out of 20 times! Lucky duck you are. :) second, Reid got some serious loot I'd say! Love it! He looks precious in that sweater vest (i should have done that this year??), and I can't believe this was his THIRD Easter!! Loved all of the pics. :)

And you must go grab some of those rainboots for Reid (Old Navy on sale!), you'll be shocked at how much he loves wearing them. Jagger won't take them off!

The Leonard Four said...

yup...i second paige's comment about your mom and the adorable maternity tops and flops! what a totally awesome easter basket!!!

and reid looked totally adorable in his easter outfit - love the vest! AND, i love his facial expressions in the pics! looks like he had a ball! :)

Tiffany said...

I've started buying all of the "The Story About..." (board) books. I usually see them at Target around each holiday (Valentines, Easter, Christmas, etc.).

Lindsay Wagner said...

looks like such a fun Easter! i love the idea of putting out some of the gifts to be found during the egg hunt! hayden is the only one doing our egg hunts, too.....poor thing is in for a shock when there are more family members, but we've got at least 2 years until she'll have competition during her egg hunts! love the maternity tops...don't we know we'll be wearing them quickly!!! :)

Tiffany said...

LOVIN' Reid in his adorable Easter outfit! So handsome :-)

You made out like a bandit too...fabulous maternity tops!

Dunhams said...

Wow!! You guys got awesome Easter baskets! I'm so impressed with your Mom! It looks like y'all had such a fun day. Sorry about the bunny pics not working out better...maybe next year :) And Reid looks super cute in his sweater vest!! I think you need to keep putting him in them :)

B.E.A.L. said...

all of my thoughts have been that your mom can pick out cute stuff for reid's easter outfit...the argyle and plaid is precious and the "story of" books are fabulous!

so glad yall had an awesome easter!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

such cute pictures!!! and i love his outfit too! looks like y'all had a blast!!

The Lance Family said...

Love the pictures...they are great! I think the sweater vest is so cute....real men wear sweater vests :) Reid made a haul...lucky boy!

Ummm...does your mom want to adopt me?? Even if it is just at Christmas and Easter....I could really use some new flip flops and tops :)

Leslie said...

What a great Easter. Reid is super cute shaggy or short. I saw some great Easter books at Sam's.

Team Carroll said...

It sounds like you guys had a great Easter!! I LOVE Reid's sweet little Easter outfit...he's always stylin'! And seriously...both you guys scored some seriously fabulous Easter goodies!! We're celebrating with y'all next year ;)