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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying to Adjust

Thank you for all the sweet comments even though I haven’t been commenting on anybody else’s blogs – I need a day to catch up on what everybody has been up to!  We are just here at the house trying to adjust to having a newborn again!  It actually has been pretty easy because my mom is here so I haven’t had to see what it will truly be like with 2.  Reid loves his baby brother, but I can tell it’s been a difficult adjustment for him because he has been acting out, trying to get attention, throwing lots of fits over nothing, and then the biggest thing has been his new EXTREME fear of flies and bees!!!  We don’t know what to do – he is so afraid of them that he will not go outside.  Literally – he will not step a foot outdoors!  He’s so scared that it’s even a battle trying to get him out of the car if we go somewhere!  Nothing entices him – not the park, not the “little houses” that we like in Allen, not going outside for a popsicle, not going to get ice cream.  I take Jace for his 2 week appointment next week and if it hasn’t gotten any better I’m going to ask the pedi.  Has anybody gone through anything similar with your toddler???  How would you handle this??  We try not to make a big deal of it – while we don’t dismiss his fears, we also don’t let it control us (by that I mean if we have to go somewhere, he has to go with us and get out of the car).

Anyway, I’m getting a little bored at home – I am a homebody, but I also love to be out and about and I’m so ready to start doing that again!

I love comparison pictures too, Paige!!!  Here are some of Reid (on left) and Jace – I can’t see a resemblance right now, but maybe as Jace gets older I’ll see who he looks like! 


IMG_0082                    DSC_3934

IMG_0116                   DSC_3996


Other pics from around the house:

Lilly LOVES babies!  Now, active toddlers?  Not so much.

DSC_4003 DSC_4000


I love this picture!  I still can’t believe I have 2 and they’re brothers!!!



Chelsi said...

Awww, poor little guy! I haven't heard of this, but I will definatly say a prayer that it works itself out! Jace is precious! Congrats!

Tiffany said...

You are blessed with two beautiful boys!! They are precious!

Hopefully Reid gets over his new fear :-)

B.E.A.L. said...

oh man...that isn't fun! Poor Reid~I hope it gets better.

as for the comparison pics...I love them!

I also love the "skin to skin" Daddy is doing with Jace...that was one of Bobby's favorite times with both of the girls!

But my fave is the one of the two boys is precious!

You are blessed!

Dunhams said...

Poor Reid...I'm not sure what to recommend about the flies and bees, surely it will pass :) I totally think your boys look alike. I see it in their mouths the most. They're both definitely adorable!

the rodriguez crew said...

Meredith! They totally look alike!! It's their mouths, for SURE. they will have the same adorable smile I bet! Precious. Also loved the new pics, you are making it all look and sound easy with 2. I love that you're bored already! ha!

Poor Reid ~ this might be dumb, but I had bought the Bee Movie for Jagger b/c Cara said that Landon loved it so much. Well, he just started to kind of "get" movies and indeed, he LOVES it. Would that be a good one to show Reid, to kind of make the subject light and fun? It really is a cute and funny movie. Keep us posted, bless his heart! Hopefully it's a quick phase. :)

Rest up, and can't wait for MORE!! :)

The Drama Mama said...

Such sweet pictures! Still praying for your family of 4! HUGS!

annajanine said...

Congratulations, Meredith! Things look like they are going swimmingly :)

The Leonard Four said...

poor sweet reid! i wish i had some suggestions, but hopefully the pedi will! man, it's so hard to understand kid's irrational fears. it sounds like you are doing all the right things!

i love all the pics! your cute boys look A LOT alike! and i love the one of them laying side by side! can't wait to see more! :)

Katie said...

In that last picture I totally see a resemblence! What cute brothers they are!

I wish I had some advice about the phobia, but I don't. Let us know what you find out on what to do!

Leslie said...

Samuel is deathly afraid of everything - one of those being flies! I am so glad (but sorry b/c it's very annoying) someone else has a kid who is scared of flies. If one gets in the car - he FREAKS out. I try to just ignore. Samuel doesn't want to play outside right now b/c he is scared of lawnmowers, dogs in the alley, flies, bugs, you name it. I am hoping it's just a phase!

Anyway Jace is so cute!!! My boys still act up quite a bit when I am dealing with Ian - I think i've adjusted to that more and know how to deal with them.

Not a very positive post from me I guess. Glad you are doing well and healing better than last time. Hope to see you this weekend but completely understand if it doesn't work out.

Griffith Family said...

Love the pictures of your boys. My children are 3 years apart and I remember the new baby/busy toddler stage. That's when I really knew how hard mamas work. And the amazing thing about toddlers is that they don't listen to reason. It's in their own time. My husband, post grad school, was at one time trying to reason with our then 3 year old. I laughed and said she was a phD level so move on. I'd go with watching the B movie and just keep giving him opportunities to go out. And truly, it's miserably hot right now (we're in Plano).

The Kaufmans said...

What darling pics of your TWO boys! I can't even imagine saying two babies either right's going to be so crazy! Poor Reid though...hopefully his fear won't last long. I'm so curious as to how Ethan will react too. I'm sure I'll be asking for some advice soon!

Liz and Garth said...

Congrats on Jace! That is my brother in law's name, so great choice! :-)
I hope you are feeling well after your surgery. I had Holden about three weeks ago via c-section and they are NO fun. I hope your recovery goes quickly.
I am sorry to hear about Reid and his new fear. I think he will get over it. When I was his age I was DEATHLY afraid of elevators and would scream bloody murder if I had to go on one. Suffice it to say, I don't still do that. Ha!
Good luck to you guys and enjoy the help from your mom. My MIL is here and I am taking full on advantage. She has been a huge help!

Brooke said...

I really think Jace looks a little like Reid. You can definitely tell they are brothers. So precious!

I'm sure Reid will be back to normal soon. It's an adjustment for him to not be the main man in the house anymore. :) Also, my mom got Wyatt this awesome bug book that he loves. Maybe having him look at them in a book would help????

TeamRiss said...

Look at that darling picture of Reid and Jace! Love it. Glad to hear things are going well- we're excited to see you guys out for the first time.

Lindsay Wagner said...

i can totally see a resemblance in reid and jace! :) can't WAIT to email you and catch you know, things are a little hectic right now! i am just now uploading all of our pictures from the hospital to our computer so i'm hoping to do a new post soon!

Mommy of Multiples said...

Congratulations! I saw your pics on Facebook but have not had a chance to comment. Now that I'm out of the hospital I'm catching up. Jace is so beautiful! You have to be such a proud mommy! :) Praying for you and that you have an easy and complete recovery. I know just what's involved with the hematoma and I'll be praying it dissolves on it's own and no other treatment is needed. What a beautiful family!!

And it takes time for siblings to adjust to a new member of the family. We went through the same thing with Logan when the quads came home. It's usually just a phase though and they get adjusted. Just make sure and try to take time to do things just about him when you have a chance. Helps him feel special.

LOVE the pics!! :)