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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Weeks and Lots More Updates

Jace had his 2 week appointment yesterday and everything is looking great!  His stats:
weight:  8 lbs. 4 oz. (40%)

height: 21 and 1/4 (75%)

head: 14 and something (40%)

So, pretty much like Reid – average head and weight and a little above average in length/heighth.  Jace is still a pretty easy baby – we are just crossing our fingers that this stays this way!!!  Reid was, um, high maintenance, as an infant so we felt like we were due an easy, calm baby!  He pretty much eats every 2-3 hours and at night he eats every 3 hours but will eat and then go right back to sleep.  I don’t feel quite as zombie-ish as I did with Reid, but I am already ready for a good solid night’s sleep!!!!  So, if you’ve called me in the last week or so and I haven’t gotten back to you, I will!  The best time to return calls is during Reid’s nap and at that time of day, I’m so freakin’ exhausted that all I do is sit in our chair and do one of the following:  read, sleep, watch TV. (Today I decided to update the blog).  But, thanks for the calls, texts, messages – I will get back with you!

Also, huge news on the flies/bees home front - Reid is now going outside!  If you read my post below, then you know that he was going through this extreme fear of flies and bees that was preventing him from even wanting to step foot outside!  If he sees one, he still has a minor freak-out, but it is SO much better than a week ago. 

My mom leaves tomorrow, and then I’ll be on my own!!  I have to admit, I’m really nervous about how it’s all going to work – Jace seems to want to eat at the same time that Reid needs something – whether it’s waking up in the morning, lunch, nap, etc. so I need to figure out how to balance both boys’ needs!

Thank you so much for the prayers for my c-section recovery – I had my 2 week appointment with the doctor and she thinks the hematoma is gone!  So, now I’m just recovering from a regular c/s (I saw this abbreviation written on one of my paperwork forms in the hospital and so now that’s how I like to write “c-section”) :)  At 6 weeks I should be completely healed and will have clearance on everything!  I’m really looking forward to getting back into working out.  I got the P90x set for my birthday so I’m planning on doing that – I’ll let you know what I think!

Reid is outside in his favorite outfit – his birthday suit!

DSC_4012                          DSC_4010

Lilly is so interested in Jace!

DSC_4015          DSC_4021DSC_4019                 DSC_4014 

Reid just loves his baby brother and now loves to hold him!

DSC_4033 DSC_4027 DSC_4028 DSC_4031


Dunhams said...

Such sweet boys! I can't believe how much Jace has changed already!! Glad he's such an easy, calm baby...that's such a huge blessing, especially with a busy toddler running around :)

Tiffany said...

YAY for Reid overcoming his fear! YAY for an easy baby! YAY for no more hematoma! And, YAY for being a BoyMom of 2 who will survive on her own :-) You'll do just great, I'm sure!

Those 2 boys are just precious together! Love how Reid just goes outside in his birthday suit...too funny!!

B.E.A.L. said...

so glad to hear all is well with everyone! I am sure Jace will stay easy and are usually the opposite!

I love the pictures of your boys and love that Reid likes to play in his birthday suit....doesn't seem comfy but he doesn't look like he minds!

Good luck being on your'll figure it out!

Those are two cute boys you have there!

Mandy said...

You make this 2 kid thing look WAY too easy! You looked great on Sat. and Jace is beautiful! So happy for you.

The Pursifull Family said...

Hey!!! Jace is just adorable! Time flies-it doesn't seem like it has been 2 weeks and it has been 5 weeks for me-crazy! Maybe once things settle down we can get together or something! I need to update my blog-but I am being lazy!

Lindsay Wagner said...

Sounds like things are going great! I am right there with you with being exhausted as soon as I have any "free" time! Today is my day to surf the net mindlessly! Both girls are asleep at the same time, and it is wonderous!!! ;) Can't wait to get a new update! And I'm sending you an email soon, too!

Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

those pictures are precious!!!! your boys are adorable!!!! so glad you are feeling good and everything is okay! i NEED to come see you...miss you. let me know if i can do anything for you!!!

ashleigha said...

Congratulations! It is hard to adjust to two, especially bc they both want something at the same time. Try to get a basket of special toys he can play with only when you are feeding the baby..that helped us

Annie said...

The pictures of Jace and Ried together are priceless! Reid is already such a great big brother- he will be such a good example for Jace!!! I am soooo glad Jace has been so easy so far! You definitely deserve it after having a tough one!

Brooke said...

So precious! I love Reid's birthday suit! I know it's hard adjust and find your groove with 2 kids. I hope it gets better soon. Jace is so cute and I am SO glad he is so calm! What a blessing!

CIrons said...

Precious boys!

The Lance Family said...

Nothing like swinging in your birthday suit...that picture should definetely be put aside for use later on in his life :)

Jace is beautiful....I can't wait to meet him in person!! As soon as you are ready, let's all do lunch!