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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Déjà Vu

Jace was crawling around the kitchen, "exploring," which sparked a memory of Reid and this post so you know I had to pose Jace and it was just a bonus that he looked at me with an expression like his big brother did! I had to quickly take the picture because don't be fooled, Jace is not as steady standing there as he looks - one reach-into the drawer and he would have toppled into it!

Jace – 9 mos., 2010


Reid – 10 mos., 2008



annajanine said...

great new pic, meredith!

The Leonard Four said...

wowowow!!! that's amazing! cuties!

B.E.A.L. said...

I love those pictures and that is so funny!

The Wilson Family said...

YAY! Finally a new post! I didn't realize how much the boys look alike until seeing these cute pics!!! Jace is growing up too fast!!! He is SOOO CUTE!!!! Love him!

the rodriguez crew said...

oh WOW, total little lookalikes! And SO handsome. hey, even if the posts are few and far between, I still get excited when I see an update!

Now get that WWF fixed! I think we had like ONE move left!!

Donnell Days said...

WOW...they look so much alike!! Such cuties!! :)

Annie said...

Wow they look so similar!!! I can not believe how big ja e is getting! Crazy how fast it goes!!!

The Kaufmans said...

This is such a cute post - great pics! They really look a lot a like at that age, and too fun to have a pic of them doing the same thing at those ages to compare! Super cute boys!!!