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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Staying Fit through Pregnancy

Here's my disclaimer - with the boys' pregnancies, I felt great.  No morning sickness, just extreme tiredness which only lasted the first trimester.  By 12 weeks, I was back in the gym, working out at my normal, only slightly modified, ways.  So, it's really easy for me to tell you to work out throughout the pregnancy and don't let it be an excuse to slack off.  BUT, Brynn's pregnancy made me eat my words.  I was throwing up sick up until 15 weeks, and even though I stopped throwing up then, I never did get back my energy or that normal feeling back until the day I gave birth.  So, I didn't work out nearly as much, and when I did, it was all I could do to just walk.  I still gained about the same as I did with the boys though, maybe because I wasn't eating as much?  Anyway, so take everything I say with a grain of salt because EVERY pregnancy is different and EVERYbody is different and handles pregnancy in a unique way.

With that said, here's what MY opinions are on staying fit through pregnancy.

1.  I think one of the best ways to stay fit and make it easier to lose the baby weight afterward is to keep your weight gain in check.  However, I also tend to think that bodies have a "setting" that determines how much weight you'll gain during pregnancy, and you might still gain 40 pounds even though you do everything "right."  Plus, it's fun to indulge in your cravings - just don't go overboard.  Basically, just keep yourself and that precious life growing inside of you healthy.

2.  Keep up your work-outs.  Grain of salt, remember?  I was running with the boys' pregnancies up until 26/28 weeks, and even after that, I still lifted weights and did cardio.  With Brynn's pregnancy, I read that working out could help with morning sickness, but dang if I couldn't get up the energy to go do anything!  If you're able, work out, and if not, go easy on yourself and make a commitment to get back into working out after you have the baby.

3.  Enjoy your pregnancy!!!  Enjoy feeling the baby move around inside you, the maternity clothes, the comments from others, the baby bump, all of it!  (It was a little hard to enjoy it when I was sick, but I had to keep telling myself that it was temporary and that the end result would be worth it).  Once that baby comes, it will be hard work, sleepless nights, drained energy, and a soft middle, so enjoy your 9/10 months while that miracle is growing!

Now, for some pictures, because it's always more fun when there are pics involved.  ;-)

Pregnant with Jace

2 weeks before having Brynn - you can see that I'm a little more "swollen" with her pregnancy ;-)

Maternity pictures taken by my uber talented friend, Cara

Thanks Cara for capturing this time!

My next post will be losing the last 5-10 pounds and final thoughts plus some good work-outs that I like!!

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