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Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Go To Cardio Work-Out

Honestly, I would be completely ok if we could just skip January and February and go straight to March after Christmas.  There's just not much good that goes on in these 2 months.  It's cold, there's a lot of sickness and I get allergies like crazy!!  So, with all those things, it's hard to get to the gym - I know, I know, I could work out at home and I do sometimes, but for me, personally, I just like the gym.  I need the vibe inside that forces me to push myself.  I like to do both weights and cardio and on my cardio days I'd much rather push myself for a shorter amount of time than do a long cardio session (unless I'm walking with a friend and then I could walk forever!).  So, I found this workout and I like to use the cardio portion (I do other strength training programs on the other days), and it's just the best interval cardio workout.  I also like it because you can completely customize it to your level - so I went to the gym today after not really working out for a couple weeks so I needed to take it down a notch.  Here's the workout and then how I do it.

Treadmill Interval:
5 mins warm-up
Interval set of 60 seconds walk, 30 seconds jog, 60 seconds sprint - complete this interval circuit 10 times (or a few more if you're really feeling it that day)
5 mins cool down

What I normally do:
Warm-up (3.5)
60 secs at 4.0
30 secs at 6.0
60 secs at 8.0

When I'm just not feeling it and need to take it down a bit:
Warm up (3.5)
60 secs at 4.0
30 secs at 5.5
60 secs at 7.5

Or, I may even cut out the jogging part and walk a little bit longer before I sprint (especially if I'm sprinting faster)

If you're just starting out, this will be a tough one, so instead of jogging and sprinting, just increase your walking speed and work up to the running.

Do you have a Go-To Cardio workout??

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