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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things

I always love reading what other people just love and can't live without and I've been meaning to do a post about what I love, so here it is!

Ever since this girls' trip where we did the Sex and the City bus tour and made a stop at the store that housed the make-up brand used on the cast, I've been in love with pretty much everything I've tried from there! Here are a few items that I have that I just LOVE:

1. The Soy Face Cleanser - Oh my goodness, my FAVORITE ever cleanser! It even takes my mascara off!

2. The Sugar Blossom Hand treatment - my hands get so freakin' dry in the winter that I'm always looking for good hand lotion. This has been my hands down favorite!

3. The Brown Sugar Body Polish - this is an awesome exfoliator (when I actually take the time to exfoliate!)

4. The bronzing/blush powder - gives the perfect "sun tan" look without looking fake. I wear this year round to give my face some color!

This next item will only appeal to some of you, but boy are these important when you're breastfeeding! There's nothing like a good nursing bra. Can I get an amen?? I LOVE this one!

Mascara does wonders in opening up your eyes (which is especially important when you have small eyes like me!) and this particular one is like a miracle in a stick - it lengthens my lashes and makes them look ten times longer! You actually vibrate the wand while you apply!

Lately, I've been kicking it into overdrive to try and lose the last 5 pounds of pregnancy weight by being very mindful of what I'm eating. Here are 2 great food options that I eat pretty much everyday.

7. Emerald Cocoa Roast almonds - these are a great afternoon snack! They sell them in 100 calorie packs at Target, but if I get the can, I just measure out a serving size portion.

8. The Power Protein Breakfast - they sell these packs at Starbucks, but it's SO easy to make this yourself and save the bucks! This is what I eat for breakfast: Thomas Light 100 calorie English Muffin with peanut butter on it, a banana and a hard boiled egg. So filling!!

Probably my most favorite thing of all, baby's laughter. I was able to catch Jace having a good belly laugh on video!


Dunhams said...

I will definitely have to try out that bra that you recommended, Meredith, because that is the one thing I despise about nursing! I have yet to find a bra that isn't the most uncomfortable thing on the planet. Thanks for the tip!

Lindsay Wagner said...

ooohhhh, i LOVE posts like this!!! I need to try that face wash for sure, and I LOVE the breakfast for you doing!!! I'm right there with you on these last few pounds...they are KILLERS to get off!!! can't wait for jace and ainsley to play together and for hayden and reid to visit again! ;)

Team Carroll said...

Okay...I'm DEFINITELY getting that Soy facial cleanser & the mascara...and I TOTALLY agree with you on the Protein Plate from Starbucks! I have that almost EVERY morning for breakfast! When I forget to make it the night before, I eat a banana and dip it in peanut butter...SO filling and YUM!!!!
I LOVE THIS POST!!!!! Can't wait to try some of it out!

Crystal said...

Newest Follower - You kiddos are so cute