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Saturday, February 13, 2010

A little update

Here's the reason why I haven't been blogging: my pictures are taking up so much space on my computer that I don't want to add anymore for fear of a crash where I would lose everything. I'm sloooooowly saving my pictures to an external hard drive (and we are going to get a new computer because ours, being only 3 years old, is OUTDATED!), so I can continue blogging when I feel like I can upload more pictures.

But, here are some recent happenings around the Northcutt household:

Reid is enjoying this record setting snow fall we're having around here! On the other hand, I'm ready for some good ol' sunny, tank-top-wearin,' weather. However, this week has not been fun around here. On Tuesday, we took Jace to the doctor after an up-all-night-wanting-only-to-be-held night (can you tell I love to write phrases using the hyphen??) only to find out that he has RSV, an ear infection, and a sore throat!!! This crud has been AWFUL!!! Jace is definitely not acting like himself, and it is a long process of getting well. We took him back to the doctor yesterday because we thought he sounded worse, but the doctor said that he still sounded ok enough not to need breathing treatments. Thank the Lord. He also said that if he wasn't worse by today - Saturday- then he probably wouldn't get worse. Maybe we're finally on the road to getting better. We have no clue where he got it, although it could be from ANYWHERE, none of us have been sick, and Reid is just now getting a cold (he probably caught it from Jace). Is this the cycle that will now be our lives? One gets sick and then the other follows?? Did I mention how I hate being stuck inside? But, I am being comforted by the fact that everybody is stuck inside with this weather and we're not missing anything!

Jace is 6 months old! Wow. I remember when Reid was 6 months old thinking how BIG and OLD he was, and Jace still seems like my little newborn! And, who could forget the Spring Babies group 6 months birthday for all of our little spring babies?? I don't think we'll be having a 6 month birthday for Jace! We combined an RSV follow-up appt. with his 6 month appt. and here are his measurements:

Weight: 17 lbs. (40%)
Length: 26 3/4 (60%)

Here's a little difference between him and Reid- at this point Jace is a rolling machine - he rolls to get to something or somewhere. Reid was never really a roller. But, at 6 months Reid was sitting up pretty well where I could walk away and not be right there to catch him because he would still be sitting when I returned, and Jace can only sit up for a few minutes at a time before he topples backwards. We are planning on starting "real" solids as soon as he's back to normal and well; we've started rice and oatmeal cereal but are not super consistent with feeding him those. This sick thing has really messed up his sleeping at night, but on a normal night, he goes to bed between 7 and 7:30, and wakes up twice between then and 8:30 in the morning when he's ready to be awake. I'm so ready for the 12 hour nights with no waking up to eat!!!! At this point, Jace is not taking a bottle and it is so very frustrating!!! He only relies on his Momma to feed him which is very limiting in how long I can be gone. At least he doesn't just cry if he's given a bottle, he just doesn't eat and waits until he can nurse to eat. I can't believe 6 months has already come and gone! It feels like we were just heading into the hospital to have Jace, but on the other hand it feels like he has been a part of our family forever!!

Actually, here are a few updated pics of Jace for those of you who haven't seen him in awhile! Thanks, Cara, for taking such cute pics of my littlest man. (These were taken the day before the dreaded RSV diagnosis!)


Gina said...

Wow! Six months already! I can't believe it either.

Hope Jace is feeling better and Reid does NOT get sick!

Lindsay Wagner said...

ainsley is 6 months today, and i am really wondering where the time is going!!! ainsley had RSV and ear infections a few weeks ago and it took a good 2 weeks for her to be back to her old self....SO sorry jace is sick with it now...not fun at all! hope you guys are having a wonderful valentines day!!!

Following HIM said...

Oh my goodness...6 months already?! I can't believe it. Hope sweet Jace is feeling better soon and Reid does not get the crud. Poor little guys and momma!

水晶 said...
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Donnell Days said...

I'm so sorry Jace is so sick. :( Poor thing! I hope they are both feeling better real soon and that you are able to get some sleep!! :)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness- Jace is SO stinkin' cute! i'm sorry he's been sick, Avery has been too with the same things but she is FINALLY better. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that annie doesn't get it (esp. since her 2nd bday is Friday!!) but that is typically how it works around here. We basically spent the entire month of October passing our germs back and forth.....
Take care my friend!!!

Dunhams said...

Crazy that Jace is already 6 months!! He's such a precious little guy! Hope he gets feeling better soon and Reid avoids getting's no fun being stuck in the house.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I feel like everyone has it right now. We too are on the mend. However, our dr instructed us to tge breathing treatments for the next several weeks to ensure it doesn't come back. Boo! Titus now refuses the bottle too. He took it the first 3 months and has refused since around December when he went 8 hrs without eating on our anniversary. Ridiculous. :)